**Holiday smalls for LIGHT Partnership**

In holiday spirit, 100% of the sales of this series of these 10×10 inch paintings goes directly to my favourite cause, LIGHT, serving orphans living with HIV in India. You pay them directly and get a charity tax receipt.           

♥️Happy Holidays♥️

LIGHT has a ten-year standing partnership with our local village community, which oversees nearly 350 families. We strive to provide excellent medical care and we have a close partnership with the Tamil Nadu ART Center, which provides medications and treatment for orphans living with HIV/AIDS. The mission of LIGHT Partnership is to provide a family environment where vocational and life skills training can empower the world’s most vulnerable children and young adults.

click HERE to learn more about LIGHT Partnership 
Photo of Jaylakshmi, a student funded by LIGHT  by Rocky Braat, founder

to purchase, email me at katedomina@gmail.com

Into the Rabbit Hole 10×10 (SOLD)


image2 (1)
Blushing Doe 10×10 (SOLD)


Orchid Dreams 10×10 (SOLD)


Magnolia 10×10 $240


The Messenger 10×10 $250


the Great Canadian Winter 10×10 $250



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