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Children are unapologetically animals. They are purer breeds and darker minds.I believe there is no better vehicle to understanding the human condition than through the eyes and disposition of the young. My subjects are not based on specific people but are composites of several children and youth, of varying ages and expressions. The result is a layered study of youth that captures the essence of adolescence; fear, naivety, omnipotence and paranoia all seep their way into the faces and environments of my subjects. My work is an attempt to revert to a kid then show you my quiet power

b i o g r a p h y

Kate Domina is a Toronto based figurative painter. Using children and adolescents as her subjects, she incorporates classical representational oil painting techniques with whimsical and often ambiguous narratives. Her critical theory fixation (Lacan, Freud and Jung specifically) weaves it’s way into her work, evolving her portraits into studies of human frailty, and often, neurosis. Domina has training from the University of Toronto, Sheridan College and Ontario College of Art and Design.

a r t   e d u c a t i o n

2007 – 2010     Ontario College of Art and Design, Painting and Drawing, Toronto

2003 – 2006      University of Toronto, Art History, Mississauga

2006 – 2007    Central Tech. Art Centre, Drawing, Painting, PrintmakingToronto

2003 – 2004      Sheridan College (Oakville)Design, Photography, Toronto

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