Love is a Place

Kate Domina , popsurrealism, canadian art
Dear Prudence 40×30
Kate Domina , popsurrealism, canadian art
The Great Escape 40×30 (SOLD)
Kate Domina , popsurrealism, Canadian art
The Incitement 40×40 (SOLD)
Kate Domina
Athena 40×30 (SOLD)
Kate Domina
Flight of Fancy  48×36 
Kate Domina
The Expedition 20×16 
Kate Domina
Rouge Wink  40×40
Kate Domina
The Art of Making Meaning of Nothing 30×24 
Kate Domina
Lydia 36×36 
Kate Domina
Wanderer 24×24 
Kate Domina
Follies 18×14 
The Celebration 30x24 oil on canvas 2015 Available at Canvas Gallery $900
The Celebration
Kate Domina
Family Tree 42×42 
Kate Domina
Desiree 24×18 
Kate Domina
Pllgram 16×16

1 thought on “Love is a Place

  1. Angela Campitelli 14/10/2014 — 7:07 pm

    Hi Kate
    I absolutely LOVE I wil Rock You. How do I get my hands on this beauty??
    Your work is refreshingly original, and so interesting. You are a true artist. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with the rest of the world!!
    PS Your buddy Steve directed me to your website!!

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